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christmas tree hunting, 102 meltdowns, and a whole lotta lights.

On Rye: shirt from H&M
On Apple: dress from Target, tights and headband from BabyGap
On Piper: Mama-made Swing Coat & jeans from Old Navy
On Jack: hoodie from Target; mama-made flat front pants (now shorts)

O Christmas Trees.  Apparently they make my kids cry.  After rounds and rounds of picking the very best one, hiding-and-seeking through them, arguing over ornaments, shenanigans stringing lights: our christmas tree now stands.  It looks different today than it did yesterday (the whole bottom row of lights- missing.  Still not sure who is responsible for that), and I'm sure by tomorrow it will have been "re-decorated" once again.  I don't care.  I love pulling out their beloved handmade ornaments, or those we have received as gifts over the years, and oohing and ahhing and remembering.  Somewhere between the fighting, crying, and screaming, my older kiddos managed to "remember" how lucky we are, how much we love each other, and what family traditions are all about.  

I will try to remember this myself the next time one of the little monkeys asks me "is it Christmas yet????????" for the three-thousandth time.

Happy decorating!

:), Varenia



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