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friendship finds.

My husband's mom recently brought us some friendship bracelets- and the kids (and I) are totally hooked.  Apple loves bracelets of any kind (she's going to help me share her handmade upcycled bracelet DIY here on the blog soon), so these little floss bracelets were no exceptions.

The problem:  Grandma had only 5 bracelets, and there are 6 of us.  Which got me searching online for a "manly" friendship bracelet for my husband.  (If it even existed).  We started with Etsy: 

Love these chevron striped bracelets from Brandii's Boutique.  Lots of color choices, and seeing them all together reminds me of candy or lollipops.  Too "girly" for my husband, though.

If the chevron stripes were a little feminine, then I highly doubt I could talk my husband into wearing this rainbow inspired bracelet.  But I did fall a little bit in love with Craftie Anne's shop.  

I like that she brought the handmade element into something I would typically not equate it with, like Minecraft.  How cool is this:


For the trendy, Craftie Anne also sells this one:

At the end of the search, we decided on this one from J. Crew, in the "bright surf" color:

If none of the above appeal to you, you can always make your own.  We are going on vacation soon and I have the feeling the kids will be making a lot of these:

in their downtime.  The Purl Bee has a fabulous step-by-step tutorial here.



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