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summer so far: beach-ing.

Just dropping in to say a quick "hello" and document the summer so far- which would not be complete without obligatory beach photos!

Love love love the pic above.  Any parent out there with multiple kiddos knows how hard it is to get a picture where everyone is together and looks somewhat normal/decent/smiling/authentic/not-hitting (spitting on, sticking tonue out at) -their-brother-sister-pet/etc.  Seriously thinking I should just use this for the Christmas Card this year, as the photo gods will surely not smile upon me twice in one year.  I especially love how Jack Jack is not looking directly AT the camera, but off to the side, with the smirk and mischief in his eyes that is so him.

In sewing news, I signed up for the Summer Kids Clothes Week Challenge!  (By the way, the site looks AMAZING!  Truly.  Go check it out!)

With working full time, and the kids in various classes and activities, I don't know how much I'll actually get to sew- I doubt I'll be able to participate every day- but am looking forward to creating a few things to add to the back-to-school wardrobes for the girls.  My original plan was to sew mainly from my stash, but as I look around the internets I'm constantly inspired by this-or-that project which, conveniently, would require fabric/notions/all the things that, of course, are not in my stash.  So we'll see how it goes.

Who else is sewing along?


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