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summer so far: vacationing.

Every summer we take at least one week-long family vacation, and, I swear, each year it gets better and better.  I am so in love with where my family "is" right now:  the kids are still little enough, but awesomely self-sufficient, too.  I no longer have any nurslings, or babies in diapers, or those who constantly need to eat/sleep/allthethings.  It's so cool to me that all of us can now pretty much function on the same schedule- makes outings and vacations so. much. easier.

photo by rye

Both Rye and Piper expressed quite an interest in photography during our trip, and they got some cool shots!  Rye, especially, was really driven to take "nature walks" and snap pics of all things desert life.

photo by rye

He even got a shot of me when I wasn't looking!  (Look kids!  I do exist!)

Piper was obsessed with the geese that came right up to our patio:

photo by piper

She watched them, and called them, sang to them, and fed them.  Truth be told, I'm not really into geese.  When Rye was about 3 and Apple was just walking I took them to a local park to feed the ducks, and we were surrounded and stalked by hundreds of bloodthirsty cheerio-hungry geese.  They literally chased us around the whole park, lake, and into the parking lot. It was terrifying for the kids, and I wasn't happy, either.  But Piper- oh, she's my little Birdie!  She pretty much died and went to heaven to have geese on her own patio every morning.

We also played a lot of cards:

Did some art and journaling:

Rye took his journal everywhere!  I think he especially liked that there were no lines.  He's really into graphic novels right now a la Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and he loves to write and draw.  His writer's "voice" amazes me every  day.  This kid is funny.  His writing slays me.

There was a shuttle that would cart people back and forth around the resort we stayed at.  It was seriously one of the kids most fun adventures, just waiting for, running after (yup!  we chased the shuttle once or twice!), and riding on.

Walking to the shuttle stop:

Sidenote:  love how the fam are all so themselves in this pic!  Rye is reading his journal, Jack stealithy marching along, Apple twirling (in a skirt I made her 2 years ago!  for Kids Clothes Week!  And it still fits her and looks better than ever- SCORE!), Richard leading, and Piper flying like a bird.  Classic Jensen style!

Waiting for the shuttle:

Riding the shuttle:

There are probably a few more things I'd like to share from our vacation, but at this point I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!

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